Friday, June 15, 2007

Prospects to Big Leaguers

I have to give a big shout out to my man Mitch Tischler for this one. Justin Germano of the Padres is coming into his own at baseball's highest level. He's been working his way through the minors since 2000, before appearing briefly in the Majors in 2004 and 2006. His 7 starts this season are already a career-high. He allowed two runs or less in each of his first 4 starts, got beat up in two straight, then pitched 6 shutout innings against the Devil Rays last night. That may not be the world's greatest accomplishment but hey, he's 5-0.

Most of the glory on the mound in San Diego goes to Jake Peavy and Trevor Hoffman, which is fair. But fantasy owners shouldn't forget about a very valuable and underrated pitcher in Chris Young- a great ERA and strikeout guy. Even Greg Maddux is still holding it down in a lot of mixed leagues.

However, Justin Germano is dangling out there in a lot of mixed leagues, and if you need an option at the back of your rotation, this guy looks like a steal. I always lean toward the N.L. pitchers anyway.

Elsewhere in prospect-land, Matt Kemp is back up with the Big Club in Los Angeles (I'm talking about the real LA, where the Dodgers play - not the imaginary one in which the Angels play). Anyway, this guy was actually a factor last June when he belted all 7 of his career homers.

That seemed like a random power surge, but Kemp is putting together another good month of June this season. He can also steal some bases and could see more action if Grady Little doesn't find an excuse not to play him.


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