Thursday, June 7, 2007

James Shields

By now you've probably heard of Devil Rays' RHP James Shields. If you have this guy, DON'T DEAL HIM (unless it's just too good to pass up)! If you want him on you're squad, go get him. I realize the Devil Rays and starting pitching don't normally go together, but wow, this guy can pitch. Admittedly, Tampa Bay's bullpen is among the worst in baseball (though Al Reyes has done a very good job in the closer's role).

BUT the great thing about James Shields is that he doesn't give his relievers much of a chance to waste his performances.

As of the time of this post, he's pitched into the 8th inning or beyond in 9 straight starts. It's very unlikely he's available in any leagues outside of 6 or 8-team superstar leagues, etc ... But if somehow he's slipped through the cracks, picking him up should be your next move.

Down the road, if you're in trade talks with a team that has Shields, see if you can get him added to the deal. People who know less than you may think his good start is a fluke and be willing to part with him because Tampa Bay stinks.

Shields showed flashes of this last season, though the overall numbers look a lot better in 2007. Just remember the name - JAMES SHIELDS - for future trade considerations and also if your planning on entering a new league for the second half of the season.


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