Saturday, June 16, 2007

Is This Guy Serious?

I don't often praise members of the Boston Red Sox outside of Manny and Ortiz, though Kevin Youkilis has come on strong this season as well.

But this post is all about DUSTIN PEDROIA, a little man with a big bat! I've been debating about whether to dedicate a whole post to him, but a 5-for-5 effort against the Giants on Friday sealed the deal. Pedroia could keep putting up big numbers if he continues to bat in front of one of the great run-producing duos of all-time in Manny and Ortiz. Plus he's got that Green Monster out in left field - where high fly balls become homers.

Anyway, the comparison I've been hearing out of Bean-town is to Jody Reed. Admittedly, it sounds funny to call someone 'the next Jody Reed,' but then I remembered that Reed used to eat up the Yankees in the late 80's and early 90's. These days Pedroia is really starting to swing the stick well, and though he doesn't boast a lot of power, his spot in the order makes him look like a good source of runs and average for years to come. I'm just glad the Red Sox don't still have Hanley Ramirez to go along with him.


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