Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm Juiced ...

... that Jason Giambi is back to mashing in the Bronx. I know you may think my New York bias is the reason I recommended him in my most recent tip of the week. But really, he's a just a damn good hitter.

The guy belted a pair of long balls in Friday's win over the Tigers and he has 4 total since returning from the disabled list earlier this month. But what I've noticed about him is that his timing at the plate is amazing for someone who'd been out of action since the end of May.

Giambi has surely been flying off waiver wires in A.L. Onlyleagues since coming back, but he's proving to be a viable option in mixed leagues as well. Giambi still has a ton of power and that great batter's eye - plus, he's in the middle of a Yankee lineup that has been almost unstoppable since the All-Star break.

He may not play every day, but four starts in a week for Jason Giambi can easily be as good as 6 or 7 for someone else you might plug into.

Long story short: If he's available in your league, he shouldn't be.


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